Dusica Vesnic


Over the years of my art practice, I came up to the conclusion that : the more I work, the greater the possibility to create something. My working method includes me alone in my studio where I can have “one to one” situation with the space I am in , without necessary knowing how things are going to work out. “ It’s never clear to me where the start of a work comes from. One basic reason is that I like to use my hands and make things (…) For me, some of the most interesting work is the stuff that starts like that – out of a raw need for activity. ” (Bruce Nauman)

I tried to put my own experiences of making the work into the work. I tried to recreate creative process which preceded the product, the process followed in the studio. This way, I added the texture of live experience to my work. The documentation of that primary action was an attempt to create a secondary form out of it.

The birth of performance art was the moment in the art history when the process got liberated from the product, which nowadays in artworks exist more like an action where the process is an act perfomative. In my work, product and process are not dissociated anymore. The process of creation is where the essence of the work is happening. I saw it eventually coming out to be the most alive moment in the piece.

“Art is what an artist does” Bruce Nauman